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Welcome to Humanising IT™
The GAME-CHANGER for IT Service Management

At HIT Global we believe IT services should embody the essence of experience.

Humanising IT™ is revolutionising conventional process-driven frameworks, by considering the human experience in the design of IT processes and services.

Quite simply, we put the HEART into IT service management.

Embark on an award-winning journey to Humanising IT™ with our best-selling book app-based training official certification

It's a book, a training course and a certification.

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Why Choose Humanising IT™?


User-Centred Design

Design with Empathy:  We integrate and design IT services with tools and techniques from human-centred design.


Real-world Application

Our courses are both theory and practice, ensuring you leave with actionable insights.


Flexible and Accessible

Learn in your own time. Our micro-learning app enables a flexible and personalised learning experience.



With a certification in Humanising IT™, your skills are validated and recognised in the broader ITSM community.

Revolutionise your approach to IT service management with HIT Global and our Humanising IT™
award-winning micro learning app. Our clients’ testimonials speak volumes about how our transformative training has helped them to improve their organisation’s IT services, and in doing so, has positively impacted their careers.

Join the HIT Global community and learn how to design IT service management with humanity,
by putting the HEART into IT service management.

How Does Humanising IT™
Grow Your Career?

The ever-evolving landscape of technology demands a workforce adept in skills that resonate with users and enhance their experiences. Humanising IT™ holds the key.
By becoming a Humanising IT™ certified professional, you will:

Develop specialised competencies in a job market hungry for human-centred design and experience management.

Unlock new career opportunities and pathways to increased earning potential.

Enhance your IT service management skills with a renowned certification, elevating both personal and professional growth.

Our Award-Winning Training Approaches

Humanising IT™ is not just a certification – it’s a multifaceted educational journey designed to accommodate every learning style. Our micro-learning app offers both convenience and accelerated learning and retention.

Premium Economy - HIT GLOBAL 2

Premium Economy

A self-paced online training environment facilitating learning without boundaries.

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Business Class

A hybrid experience with self-paced learning, complemented by a 4-hour group session with a certified Humanising IT™
HIT Global instructor.

First Class- HIT GLOBAL

First Class

An intensive, 1-day boot camp that dives deep into a tailored case study from your organisation.

Each of these formats leverages psychological principles that are instrumental in understanding and designing for real-world challenges faced by most IT departments today.

Our Vision

Our bold yet deeply passionate vision is to see every IT professional across the globe certified in Humanising IT™.

This vision is born from our commitment to revolutionise the IT service management industry via education and community involvement.

To realise our vision, HIT Global is committed to transforming and disrupting how IT professionals learn. Our award-winning learning platform, based on micro-learning methodology accessible via an app, has earned global recognition, showcasing HIT Global’s innovative approach to learning.

Founded by Katrina Macdermid and Mark Basham, HIT Global Ltd stands as a beacon of innovation, inspired by Katrina’s best-selling book: “Human-centred design for IT service management.”

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Our Vision - Humananising IT
Humanising IT™ Award-Winning Training

Leaders Paving the Way for Change

Mark headshot


Co-founder & Director
HIT Global,
& former CEO Axelos

A strategic thinker and business leader, Mark’s expertise in operationalising strategies complements Katrina’s vision.

Kat in white


Co-founder & Director
HIT Global,
& Creator: Humanising IT

An award-winning author and IT service management guru, Katrina brings her groundbreaking vision of human-centred IT to life.

Wesley Headshot


SVP North America
HIT Global,
 former Partner & CIO: IDEO

With a rich background in IT leadership and extensive interests in human-centric approaches, Wesley is an advocate for creating sustainable and human-friendly tech experiences.

Bronze Woman in Education
Silver Woman in tech
Champion Awards 2022
Australian business Awards
Women inech

Cultivate Innovation & Enhance Your Career
with Humanising IT™

Buy the best-selling Humanising IT™ book today!

Humanising IT™ applies human-centred design principles to the world of IT service management.

Those who have any role in delivering IT services, from service desk analysts to software developers, CIOs and every human in between, will learn that to improve IT service management, you must prioritise the human experience.

Under the guidance of Katrina Macdermid, an internationally recognised thought leader on IT service management, you are certain to improve your success in the wider business world by learning to put people and the user experience first.

Order your copy today and start putting the “HEART” into IT service management!

Human Centred Design Cover 3D
Katrina and Mark CoFounders HIT Global Humanising IT

HIT Global Ltd

HIT Global Ltd was founded in November 2022 when Katrina and Mark joined forces to take Katrina’s book “Human-centred design for IT service management” to market. Their shared belief is that human experience is often missed when it comes to designing IT services. Humanising IT™ seeks to bridge this gap by introducing the concept and techniques of human-centred design and integrating them into IT service management.

As we all know, technology is playing an ever-increasing role in every aspect of our lives, so IT service must also evolve.

Human experience is the new frontier, and Humanising IT™ is the solution.

Award-Winning Training & Certification


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Ready to learn the GAME-CHANGER approach to IT service management?

Join the HIT Global community alongside hundreds of professionals as we pave the way towards a future where IT service management is more than a framework, it’s an experience anchored in empathy where technology serves humanity and delivers improved outcomes.

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Join us on a journey where knowledge meets experience, and together, let’s shape a future where IT service management is more than a framework, it’s an experience.